About Orb composer


We are composers, mathematicians, engineers and dreamers.

About Hexachords

Hexachords® was created in France in 2015 after many years of musical development. A hexachord is a six-note series, as exhibited in a scale or tone row. Among all the similar music notation words (such as Tetrachord, Pentachord, etc.), the word “Hexachord” was chosen as it is also related to the shape of France, a hexagon. The company extended to Spain as well. We are now a European company!


The main part of our team, the leaders of departments.

Richard Portelli

CEO Founder

Artificial intelligence engineer, physicist and entrepreneur, Richard is a true passionate about music, and orchestral composition.

Jonathan Mas

Lead Developer

Artificial intelligence engineer, and music passionate too, Jonathan (alias “Johny”) is a crazy inventive guy, a hard worker and looks like a 70′ pop singer!

Jean-Michel Langé

Marketing and Sales

Jean-Michel has sales and marketing skills, international distribution, and has worked with many companies in the music industry. He plays guitar as well !