Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ is based on common ticket questions. Please check this FAQ prior to opening a ticket. If your question is not answered here or you’ve discovered a bug, you can open a ticket here.

What is Orb Producer ?
Orb Producer is a Bundle of 4 Midi plugins. Each plugin also has a separate wavetable synth.
What is new in Orb Producer Suite 2.0 ?

- Added the Harmonizer

- Added a MIDI Editor

- Added Velocities Panel

- Added a new Velocity panel to generate velocity maps in one click

- Full VST compatibility

- Added lots of visual effects (keyboard notes, current chords)

- Density = 0 now means there will be only full bar duration notes

- Added inversion for chords (changes the bass)

- Creating a new theme keeps the last main music parameters (tonality, time signature, number of bars)

- Added the ability to rename themes

- Improved performance

- Bug fixes

I bought Orb Producer 1.0, is the upgrade to 2.0 free of charge?

Yes it is.

Is Orb Producer Suite available for Mac and PC?

Yes, it is. Both VST2 and VST3 on Windows, AU, VST3 and AU Midi FX on Mac.

Is there a Demo of Orb Producer Suite?

There is no demo available. Instead, we have a 30-Days money back guarantee. The 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee is our way of ensuring your complete satisfaction with our products.

Does Orb Producer support VST2 ?

Yes, on Windows and Mac, since 2.0.2.

Is Orb Producer Suite compatible with Catalina on Mac?
Yes, it is.
On How many computers can I install Orb Producer Suite?
3 computers.
What is the difference between Orb Producer Suite and Orb Composer?
Orb Producer Suite is a ready to use Plugins Suite in your DAW, made for Electronic Music Producers. Orb Composer is a standalone application designed for music composers.