Compose with an Artificial Intelligence

Orb Composer is a creative tool which you can model very precisely to assist you during your music composition work sessions.

What is ORB Composer?

Orb is the name of the first Artificial Intelligence designed for music composers. More than 5 years of research and development were necessary to create this smart tool for composers, bands, orchestrators, to help them experiment new musical ideas and enhance their creativity.

YOU are the artist!

Orb Composer doesn’t replace the composer and doesn’t write music automatically. You have to feed Orb with your own choices. Orb creates music mock-ups based on your creativity and only with your musical ideas.

Music environment

You can create a complete musical environment according to the ideas you want to experiment. Orb updates in real time according to your new inputs.

Create new music styles

Create your own music styles and experiment with exotic instruments mixes, chord progressions, time signatures and accurate instruments clip settings.

High quality

Thanks to Orb Composer, you can reach the level of high quality required by the TV programs of broadcasting. Focus on the creative part of music before diving into the notes.

Compose music at a higher level

Orb Composer features help you get from musical ideas a complete composition. You can modify this as much as you want, to have the most perfect music composition you were thinking of.

It is always positive to focus on the music structure at a high level before diving straight into the notes.

Before writing a single note, think of music in terms of ideas, intentions and emotions. Orb Composer will turn it into a composition and provide a basis upon which you could then use your creativity and knowledge.

With or without your DAW
you choose!

Orb Composer is a creative tool which you can model very precisely to assist you during your music composition work sessions.

Orb in Standalone Mode

Orb works directly with your favorite VST/AU instruments

Each instrument and articulation can be directly connected to your VST/AU instrument, allowing a 100% standalone experience. This can be very useful for drafting, experimenting and making music instantly with a light setup.

Audio Export

Every track can be individually exported for further manipulation in your DAW of choice

DAW integration

Orb works with a large number of popular DAW's

You can integrate Orb Composer in any popular DAW. Please click on this link and follow the indications to use Orb with your favorite DAW.

Experiment new music ideas quickly

Orb Composer helps you transform a musical idea into a fully organized composition segment. You can modify this as much as you want, to have the reach this idea you have in your mind.

It is always positive to focus on the music structure at a high level before diving straight into the notes.

Think music in terms of ideas, intentions and emotions, before writing a single note.

Orchestration ideas

Orb Composer embeds the most powerful AI ever designed for orchestration. All the different instruments of the orchestra, with all their different articulations have been modelled individually, to reach a high level of orchestration knowledge.

New chord progressions

You can experiment new chord progressions and adjust them in real time in Orb Composer. Orb Composer builds the musical context and gives your chords all the density needed to have a realistic preview on how they would sound in a full musical context.

Experiment instruments combinations

Any crazy idea is welcome in Orb Composer. Want to write a symphonic score with an electric guitar playing the music theme? That’s possible! Quickly experiment exotic instruments combinations and see which one you want to stick to, and develop your ideas inside the final score.

Orb strengthens your creativity

Regardless of how you start your composition, Orb Composer assists you every step of the way.
At any time, enter your choices or ask Orb Composer to make suggestions according to your constraints. Export or record in your DAW the notes you have created.

You always have the last word in Orb Composer, which does not impose or restrict any choice.

Save time for deadlines

We have also designed Orb Composer features for composers working at the frontline needing to hit that deadline. For composers who work for TV, films, games and radio.
Turning an idea into a composition will not take weeks of work anymore, only the most pleasant part of composition will remain.
Orb Composer features have a significant benefit in terms of time and energy as it reduces time to experiment with new ideas and speed up the composition process.
Create your own music mock-ups in Orb Composer and use them as a very good starting point for your composition.

Use Music template

We propose 6 «basic» music templates to help you to pre-select a musical environment:







The templates provide a list of default instruments and selects the AI engine accordingly.

Create your own composition

Friendly workspace

Orb Composer has been made to allow you to use it easily, the interface is clear, simple and all main functionalities are reachable from here. In one window, you can see the clips, yhe options and all the main features without going on fastidious submenus.

What you can do in the block area:

Main Features

Flexible clip setting

Every clips can be separately edited, deleted, copied. You can manage clip duration but also a lot of settings like

Clips can be lock for safety, and can be moved on other instrument or theme structure.

Main Features

New 1.5 Features

New Orb AI Engine

The core of Orb Composer is its very own Orb Engine. It is responsible for creating all the different variations and complex combination of instruments, their roles, notes and musicality resulting in greater melodies, expression, harmony and bass.

Midi Editor with control changes

With the all-new and fully functional MIDI editor you are now able to control every aspect of the music creation process. We have also added some extra and very unconventional features. Now you will have instant visual feedback of everything Orb creates. This was the most requested feature from our user base.

Smart Melody import

Creating a whole piece of music is now easier than ever. Just import your MIDI idea into Orb Composer and generate an entire piece of music only with a few clicks. The Smart Melody Import feature is a very powerful and usable tool for every musician and composer who needs to get an idea of a final piece of music very fast.

Redesigned ORB chord progressions engine

The Chord Progressions Engine will boost your musical inspiration and creativity. Choose from an immense amount of popular, emotional-based chord progressions, or create your own. Orb will always give you a wide selection of possibilities to enrichen your music compositions.

DRUM Editor

Now Orb integrates a standard Drum editor, allowing the total control of the drum patterns and transitions.

New clip parameter windows

The new clip parameter windows gives you a simple and fast access to all clip settings.

System Requirements

Operating systems

Mac OS

Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan 64 bits
or higher


Windows 7 x64, Windows 8 x64, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 10 x64 (recommended)

Minimum System Requirements


2.4 GHz Intel or AMD multi-core processor
At least Intel i5 or AMD A10 APU recommended


1 GB
32 GB RAM recommended (required for your VST instruments loaded in your DAW)
​Graphics card

Onboard (minimum resolution 1280 x 768)
1920 x 1080 recommended

Sound card
ASIO compatible hardware is recommended
Hard drive space
2 GB (for program installation)
Optical drive

CD/DVD drive
Only required for installation of the box version

Connection required for downloads and activation
Not applicable to the box version