Hexachords accounces the release of the new Orb Composer S version. 


It is a free upgrade for owners of Orb Composer Artist and Orb Composer Pro !


New features : 

  • VST Host (VST + AU) both instruments and effets + Audio Export
  • New Smart chords Engine
  • Split Chords (multiple chords per bar) [PRO]
  • Time Signature possible per bar [PRO]
  • Auto Save
  • New Drums algorithms
  • A default structure is selected when dragging and dropping a block
  • Changed instrument settings
  • Copy Paste Blocks
  • Search feature implemented
  • Added a humanization feature
  • Drum Kits now requires a single clip
  • 2 Drum kits possible, Acoustic one and electro one
  • Now possible to paste a clip on a specific track
  • Now possible to disable Midi out and CC out
  • Updated the top breadcrumb for easy navigation
  • Double clicking on a clip parameter validates and closes the popup
  • Added empty template icon
  • Updated many UI graphical components
  • Fixed many crashes and bugs
  • Removed all Memory Leaks
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