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1.5 Known Issues:

Updated: October 19th, 2019

Non-Specific OS:

► Swirl Icon used to select theme associations changes a block to a copy (cp) block, and erases things in the block.

► Crashes associated with changing articulation while using Solo Violin and Solo Cello. It seems when one drags in the two instruments and ask orb to create melodies with those it always appear as “perc” articulation by default. Changing these articulation parameters to legato,motif, arpeggios etc., and results in a crash.

► When changing the Density of a block after you’ve created everything, all of the instruments and notes change and the user is given no warning of this.

► When changing the chords or other block parameters, manually generated drums, even on locked clips, are changed by Orb Composer to something else.

► The intensity lines do not get applied to the instruments initially generated, resulting in a contradiction in what you see vs what you hear. The quick fix is to just touch and slightly move any dot on the intensity line and all instruments are updated

► Notes sometimes dropout or don’t play.

► Some plugins are blacklisted regardless of the rescan time.

► Adding 10-20 blocks results in slow responsiveness universally to all editing techniques.



► When clicking on a green note in the Drum Sequencer, the notes do not disappear as they should.


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