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Updated 9/4/2019

► BUG #1 There is currently a bug causing plugin scanning issues on both Windows and Mac where VSTs are being blacklisted. The cause of this is being investigated and we will release an official version once we have fully resolved the issue. Meanwhile, the following instructions should assist you in fixing this issue at least to some degree of success with your missing VSTs.

      ►Download your appropriate version to fix the plugin scan issue from here:

► Step 1: Uninstall your current version of Orb Composer.

► Step 2: After install, scan plugins from scratch.

► Step 3: After your first scan, run a blacklist rescan with a timeout of 20 seconds. You may have to repeat step 2 afterwards.

► BUG #2 Orb Piano does not automatically appear in the Preview Instrument

               ► This causes issues with being able to preview chords in context. We will be fixing this in a future update. 

               ► For now we recommend supplying your own piano sound. If you need one, there are many great free piano VST plugins, one of which you can get free from here:


                   Spitfire also has a free piano you can use with Kontakt in their Labs downloads

► BUG #3 Orb Drum Kit sounds won’t load if added to a custom template.

               ► This causes issues with being able to use our sounds in your songs for your drums. 

               ► One potential solution is to use a custom plugin like Addictive Drums. 

               ► A free solution can be found here:



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