The first
for composers

Orb is the name of the most accomplished music composition Artificial Intelligence in the world. It is designed for composers, bands, orchestrators or simply everyone fond of music.

Orb Composer is the latest Artificial Intelligence technology for music.

Orb is a creative music composition tool. It will help you to get inspired and create ideas and songs faster than any other software solution on the market.

The detailed selection of features makes Orb the best tool for writing music.

The latest AI technology for music creation

Create ideas and tracks from start to finish in no-time

Well-suited for classical and orchestral music creation

Fast, flexible, intuitive, and inspiring workflows


Midi Editor with Control Changes

The new MIDI Editor gives you full control over every aspect of your creation.

Smart Melody Import

Import your own MIDI files and create complete songs in no-time.

Orb Chord Progressions Engine

Completely improved and redesigned for better results and performance.


Music templates

We propose 6 «basic» music templates to help you pre-select a musical environment: Orchestral, Strings, Piano, Electro, Pop-Rock and Ambient.

Own music structure

Structure your song as you want! You can add as many block and bar items as you wish, it’s fast and easy!

Chord Progressions

With the chord diagram you can drag-and-drop all different chords, from simple to complex ones, and create your own harmony.

Instrument Combinations

Choose the instruments you want to use for your composition, and for each instrument fine tune settings easily.

Import melodies (MIDI)

Import your melodies and use Orb to create your own musical arrangement or orchestration.

Connect your VST/AU in direct

Now Orb Composer allow a direct connection to your favorite plug-ins instruments and effects

Creating music with Orb Composer is easy, fast, and fun.

Get inspired.

Discover the new MIDI Editor in

The new Orb Composer MIDI editor allow you to edit each instrument part directly inside the Orb interface. The MIDI Editor is a way for you to change the notes produced automatically by Orb Composer.
Edit, change, delete, add MIDI event is now fast and easy!

MIDI Editor in new Orb Composer

The first
for composers

Orb Composer synchronizes with any popular software: Logic, Cubase, Pro Tools, Reaper, Sonar, Live, Studio One, Reason etc.). Orb Composer works with all of them!
It synchronizes itself with your DAW and allows you to listen your composition live, through virtual instruments joined into your.

Create bar items

Create your bar items structure, either simple of complex

Draw curves

Draw intensity and momentum curves and precompose music mockups easily

Fine tune

Fine tune every musical parameter

Chord Progressions

Experiment with as many chord progressions as you like

With or without your DAW
you choose!

Orb Composer works both as Standalone and can be integrated in any popular DAW

Orb in Standalone Mode

Orb works directly with your favorite VST/AU instruments

Each instrument and articulation can be directly connected to your VST/AU instrument, allowing a 100% standalone experience. This can be very useful for drafting, experimenting and making music instantly with a light setup.

Audio Export

Every track can be individually exported for further manipulation in your DAW of choice

DAW integration

Orb works with a large number of popular DAW's

You can integrate Orb Composer in any popular DAW. Please click on this link and follow the indications to use Orb with your favorite DAW.

Now available with Orb Composer


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