Orb Producer Suite

4 PLUGINS powered by AI

AI computing infinite patterns, melodies and bassline

  • Unlimited Possibilities
  • Easy-to-use Parameters
  • Perfect DAW Integration

Orb Chords

Get Instant Music chords

This is the master plugin of the suite. Chords give you all the power of harmony including chords movements, time signature, bars, scale, and a ton of other features. Simply add chord progression then fine-tune it!

Orb Melody

Taste the AI powered melody maker

The melody maker plugin gives you unlimited melody ideas.
It also supplies useful controllers and options to get the perfect melody for your Music ! Get instant melodies now!

Orb Bass

The perfect bassline generator

The Bass in your face! The Bass module analyzes the entire harmony and proposes the best bass lines for your song.
Now you have a bassist friend 😉

Orb Arpeggios

The Arpeggios you need

The Arpeggio module is an instant easy-to-use module, providing cool arpeggios to give you instant satisfaction, with tons of parameters for the advanced users searching for a complex arpeggio system.

Orb Synth

The powerful homemade wavetable synth

The new Orb Synth gives you amazing sounds for all of the 4 plugins of the suite. Two oscillators, two LFOs plus Amp and envelope. We have also added a cool reverb, delay, and a powerful crunchy drive.

Dozens of Presets

Our state-of-the-art wavetable synth includes dozens of handmade presets by industry professionals.

Smart AI Tools

Orb Producer Suite includes simple to use parameters for our AI to create nice musical ideas.

Choose tonalities and keys

Edit the chords as you please

Custom Chord Progressions

Our chord progression system is simple to use, and we offer 80 preset chord progressions for every emotion and musical style.

Orb Producer Suite

  • Create unlimited musical patterns
  • Create unlimited chord progressions
  • Use the best of technology to be a better artist
30 days money back guaranteed